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What is a Digital Download?

A digital download is a high quality, digital copy of a Cramer + Co. design. Saved in the same format as our files sent to our professional printer, personal downloads provide the opportunity to add a print to your home at a significantly reduced cost.

Sound great but still not sure how that works? When brousing an item, select the digital download option and your desired size. Add the product to your cart and complete check out. After your checkout, you will receive an order confirmation email and a separate email containing a link to your download. Depending on your device and your browser, you may also get an immediate link to your download on your completed check out screen! 

I would like to purchase a custom order for a digital download, how is that different? For custom orders, please complete checkout same as listed above. Upon receiving your order notification, a followup email will be sent to the email address provided at checkout to obtain all information needed for custom pieces. Custom orders will not have an immediate download available after purchase. 

I want to print my download larger than the size that I purchased, what should I do? Unfortunately, to print at a larger scale than the download provided, you will need to purchase a download in the desired print size. The downloads provided are the highest quality for each size ratio. Printing at a larger scale than intended will produce pixilated and low quality prints. 

I have purchased a digital download, now where do you recommend I get it printed? First off, thank you for your order!! You can find more about  my recommended print shops in this blog post here. Most print shops are able to offer similar products. Selecting the correct size and printing to scale is the best way to receive a quality print!