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The next season of Cramer + Co + what happened to the wooden signs?

Written by Peyton Cramer


Posted on October 28 2020

If you have found this post here, I am pretty sure you have also seen the new face and the new formats for this little shop of mine, Cramer + Co.!

This shop has been a revolving door of products and learning curves since I first opened my doors on Etsy in 2016! Did y'all know that I originally sold fabric and ribbon back drops? I know, I'm laughing too. Those backdrops soon transitioned into wall weavings. I loved them dearly but looking back, I've probably ought to send all of those customers an apology letter! 

Up close of framed print

Anyways, those weavings turned into hand lettered + store bought chalkboards! Those chalkboards were so fun and allowed my to move off of Etsy and open up my own online shop platform. I seemed to hit my stride and found a really great corner of the farmhouse sign world with my lettering! At the start of 2018 I made my first big jump to building my own signs and frames + topping them with my own deigns. It's been a really fun past two years learning the ends and outs of wood, paint layers, and my plotter. However, as a mama to three littles six an under, and a wife to a law student, the windows available to work a saw and paint only grew smaller and smaller! 

With the addition of my masters program, I knew that if I wanted to keep my shop up and running, I would have to transition away from the large amount of manual labor needed to produce the wooden signs. This new formatting allows me to outsource all the physical production and simultaneously reclaim significantly more creative time. Time to individually design custom orders, create new artwork, and to build this brand to what I know it can be. 

These new formatting options also allow me to offer artwork at significantly lower price points and across a wider range of products. I am so excited for this transition and for this season of leaning into and learning more of my creativity. I hope you all are just as excited for the new formatting options. Please keep an eye on this blog here as I share more ins and outs, behind the scenes, and top recommendations from Cramer + Co. 

Always grateful for you all!

Peyton Cramer



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